The Targa Florio Winner 1971 box

Targa Florio Winner 1971 box

Targa Florio Winner 1971 box

Targa Florio Winner 1971 box

Targa Florio Winner 1971 box

Deze Targa Florio Winner 1971 box is de tweede release van de “Targa Florio Winners” collection. Deze box bestaat uiteindelijk uit drie onderdelen.

1) Alfa Romeo 33/3 1st Targa Florio 1971
2) Targa Florio Winner 1971 box
3) Alfa Romeo 33/3 2nd Targa Florio 1971

De eerste release was de Alfa Romeo 33/3 1st Targa Florio 1971. Deze Alfa met oranje neus en startnummer 5 heeft artikelnummer CA11f en is released in september 2014 en ook redelijk snel aan mijn collectie toegevoegd.

De tweede release is dus deze box waarin beide Alfa’s bewaard kunnen worden en heeft artikelnummer CW15.

De derde release is de Alfa Romeo 33/3 2nd Targa Florio 1971. Deze Alfa met witte neus en startnummer 2 heeft artikelnummer CA11g en is released in maart 2015. Inmiddels is deze besteld en onderweg dus binnenkort is hier meer over te lezen.

Het mooie aan deze “Targa Florio Winners” collection is dat in beide Alfa’s een Nederlander achter het stuur zat. In de winnende Alfa met startnummer 5 zaten Nino Vaccarella en Toine Hezemans. In de Alfa die tweede werd zaten Andrea de Adamich en Gijs van Lennep.

Hieronder de tekst zoals deze te vinden is op de site van

The Targa Florio Winner 1971 box, CW15-box, is the second release of the “Targa Florio Winners” collectable boxed sets. This beautiful collector’s item consists of a box celebrating glorious Alfa 33’s 1-2 victory in the 1971 edition of the classic Sicilian race.

The box is home for the two Alfa 33: n.5 driven by Vaccarella – Hezemans, (CA11f released in September 2014) and n.2 De Adamich – Van Lennep, (CA11g to be released on February 2015).

Print of the Nicholas Watts famous drawing portraying the winning car is  found inside the box itself.  The box comes with no cars and is made in limited numbers. Like all limited editions, it will not be reissued.

In 1971, the appeal of the Targa Florio was such that for the first time ever a qualifying session had to take place. Porsche, the defending champion, was racing the super light 908, a mean, lean racing machine weighting 540 Kg, driven by Elford/Larrousse, Siffert/Redman and Rodriguez (Pedro)/Mueller. Alfa Romeo’s 33/3 was heavier, but more powerful and aerodynamic.

The Ace up Alfa’s sleeve was Nino Vaccarella, winner of the 1965 edition, who “knew the roads of Sicily like the back of his hand” (Vic Elford). He would race with Toine Hezemans, while Alfa’s other cars would be driven by De Adamich/Van Lennep and Stommelen/Kinnunen.

The 1971 race was of particular importance to Vaccarella as his teammate of 1970, Ignazio Giunti, had died in a horrific crash in Buenos Aires and Giunti’s mother was at the race to bestow the trophy named after his son on the winner. Vaccarella lead the race for three laps before Hezemans took the drive. In the meanwhile, Brian Redman had made a narrow escape when the broken steering sent his Porsche in flames against a wall.
Larrousse and Elford’s Porsche, chasing the Alfa n. 5, suffered several punctures and could not eventually pose a threat to Alfa’s triumph, which was completed by the 2nd place of De Adamich and Van Lennep. After he finally drove his n. 5 Alfa to victory, Nino Vaccarella received the trophy from the hands of Ignazio Giunti’s mother.

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